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Poems, books

 Harpo Before the Opus (Omnidawn, 2019)

 Foaming Stone (completed manuscript: 52 poems, 83 pp.)

 Cover The Earth (completed manuscript: 40 poems, 62 pp.)

 Fidelity of Rainbow (completed manuscript: 44 poems, 87 pp.)

Wish a Trick (completed manuscript: 50 poems, 70 pp.)


Poems in print

> (forthcoming) "A Spike in the Ground Could Split the Earth" and "Now" in Denver Quarterly

> (forthcoming) "Hand Musicin New American Writing 42

> (forthcoming)"Earth Ofin Image

> (forthcoming)"Ethics Without Morals," "Feller of Kills," "Forest of Water of Man," and 

    "Perverse Incentives" in Conjunctions

> "Sap in the Pastoral" and "Apple Pie" in Fence 41

> "Jar in Likeness" in New American Writing 41

> "Gruene Hall," "Love," and "Showtime" iMakeout Creek 8

> "Hinge Spray-Painted Purple" and "Pour" in Sprung Formal 18

> "God's Breath" and "Homer" in  Lana Turner 15

“The Disease of Nature" in The New York Review of Books 67.13

“Belies a Lack of Exposure" in filling Station 72

“Alice Gets in Dutch” in The Seattle Review 11

> "The Utopia Feed,” “Latent with Our Pleasantry,” “Mulch Steam,”

     and “Spent Bic Discarded Near the Conoco” in West Branch 90

“In Which the Empire Adores” in Fence 34

“Apparatus” and “Judging a Dark Roof’s Angle” in Mantis 15

“Brutalist” in HVTN 2.2

“Nepotism Differential” in Fence 32 

“Flagrant Violining” in Gigantic Sequins 7.2

“Essential Isles” and “Gershwin’s Wash Room” in New American Writing 34

“Gesticulation Overture” and “The Master and Margarita” in VOLT 21

“Chicken Grease” and “Agent” in Prelude 2

“Gender Ideates at Matriculation” in Denver Quarterly 49.4

“It Has a Face" anthologized in Best American Experimental Writing (BAX 2014)

“Doofy” in El Aleph 1

“Clown Forestry” and “It Has a Face” in Bestoned 2

“Guerrilla Spring” in Parcel 6

“Shoulder” in Columbia Poetry Review 25

“On High in Blue Tomorrows“ in filling Station 56

“The Bold and the Beautiful Jr. Varsity as the World Turns” and “Tear Axes”

     in Forklift, Ohio 26

“Teton Anger Placard” in Lines + Stars 

“These Weird Sisters” and “Wet a Thing Physical, Girlish” in Caketrain 10

Poems online

> (forthcoming) "Fond with Property," "Nutshell," "Beatitude," "Net of Thus," "Variety

    without Qualities," and "Utter" in new_sinews

> (forthcoming) "Unadorned Air," "An Eye Under a Hundred Tons of Earth," and "The Web" in  

    On the Seawall

> "Pinker on Trial," "Fuss of Brick," and "Possession's Steam" in Word for/ Word

> "Welch's Lotin berlin lit 6

> "All of Fire" in Works & Days 3

> "Suspect in a Tempest," "Souse," "Mascot on a Buoy," and "Hoof in     

    Fur" in mercury firs

> "Furnace" and "Fabricantin Afternoon Visitor 8

> "The Bead of the Weld," "The Gloss Abrades," and "Moss in a           

    Tube" in Annulet: A Journal of Poetics 5

>  "Blue Board" in Sixth Finch

>  "What the Mist Said" in The Decadent Review

>  "20,000 Rats" and "Royal Blue Roof Tarp" in Shitwonder

"The Law Is Glad" and "Amalgamation and Capital" in Visible Binary 5

"Notice Arc" and "Immersed Vines Sprouting" in Graviton

"Toledo,” "Employ," and "Continuity" in Prelude

"Harbor Near Sumter's Trust” in LEVELER

> “Canopy” in Foundry 12

“The Pure Familiar,” "Fieldrot," and "Drink the Air" in Unearthed

“Looming before Encore” in TYPO 30

> “George Bailey’s Bloody Mouth” and “Charlemagne Among His Looted Goods” 

     in ‘Pider VII

“In Chanticleer’s Cellar” and “The Empathy Pageant” in Deluge 11

“Cloak,” “Troping,” and “Look at the Olympians” in Yalobusha Review 27

“Pathos Is Pornographic” in Cloud Rodeo 13

“One Ran Day Low,” “Hi,” and “Intuit I’ve Lead” in Dream Pop Journal 1

“Watergate” and “It is Better If the Threats Are Real” in Word for/ Word 29

“Gourmet Dolor Fugue” in inter|rupture 18

“Chicken Grease” and “Agent” in Prelude

“Brindle Surprise” and “‘No” in Imperial Matters

“Tragedy Fatigue,” “Refrigerated Plastic Flower,” and “With Wash’d Eyes”

     in Boston Review

“Newish Bild of Vietnam” and “Alluvial” in Hardly Doughnuts 1

“Waif Jousting Effacement” and “Do Become Pleasure” in Reality Hands 5

“Musty Part” and “Song” in The Cultural Society

“Joule Sans Kraut,” “Absolute Threshold,” and “Tame Bear” in Dear Sir, [defunct :( ]

“High Contrast Reds” in DIAGRAM

“The Bank Headquarters Rubs Its Beard” and “Lawnchair Meadow Tint Exegesis”

     in ILK 8

“Weak Toward,” “Arbor Vitae,” and “This Fertile Destabilization” in smoking glue gun

“Cool Teens” at The Destroyer 2.1

“Josephus Breaststrokes in the Dead Sea” at Birdfeast 4

“The Claim of ‘Special Discoveries’” at OF ZOOS 1.2

“Find the Start and Begin There,” “A Wave,” and “Pockmarked Face of Limestone”

     at SOFTBLOW

“Fox Pause, Fox Trot” in elimae

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